[Solved]Issue with the a Health Variable

I can’t use healing objects. I have a variable, where it marks the health, and I’m trying to set the limits. If I can heal, there’s no limit, when there’s a limit, I cannot heal, even when i’m damaged.

You can’t compare strings like that. Instead, use

The value of variable health < 100

(because of weak typing, GDevelop can convert variable between strings and numbers if possible)

Try to change the variable to number then try again you’re tying to compare a number in a string variable.
Check this you should use scene variable instead of scene text variable

The green one.

[quote=“UlisesFreitas, post:3, topic:35126”]
Try to change the variable to number then try again

There’s no need for this, GDevelop can convert a variable between number and string (as long as it’s a proper number). You can use Variable and VariableString on a variable without any issue.

The problem was using the “less than” test for a string.

I should read the post other’s posts more thoroughly before replying.

Sure that’s what I was trying to say maybe my English is not good enough.

My apologies, I didn’t check the screenshot you supplied, just glanced at it.

Guys i found the problem, I should haven’t typed “”, that’s why it didn’t worked out in value of a scene variable, thanks.