[SOLVED] Jump from 60 to 30 fps

I have tested my project on another pc not too bad. The game was slowing down because I have set the minimum fps to 60, that is, the same as the maximum to ensure that the code always works the same. I don’t understand why it slowed down if the task manager showed 40% stress on the CPU but hey, this is not the topic of the thread.

I have changed the code so that it works with a minimum of 25fps and a maximum of 60fps or unlimited. For testing purposes, I have capped the game with different maximum fps values: 50fps, 40fps, etc.

The problem is that gdevelop can’t seem to work with those fps values. What is happening is that it does not matter what value I put that will always go to 30 fps if I decrease a single fps of 60. This is a problem because my project can run in a range of 55-60fps on a good PC, then it will work at 30fps from what I just explained. :(. :frowning:

As far as I understand, Electron (What GDevelop games run under) runs in a browser. Browsers by default have VSync enabled, with no option to turn it off.

Meaning you’re only going to get integer divisors/multiples of your GPU’s current refresh rate. If you have a 60 hz refresh rate, this means 15/30/60.

thank you, now it’s clear for me.