[SOLVED] Jumping in Platformer leaves player stuck

Hello, very new to GD here and am working on a Platformer. When my character lands after jumping or falling on a jump-thru platform they get stuck in the ground and cannot move. Jumping solves this and the character will not get stuck if it is moving. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

I have never experienced this maybe @Bouh and @Gruk can help

Can you show a screenshot of your events please? If we don’t know what is going on it will be difficult to help you.

Here are the events I have for the character.

Here is the character (Kirby) stuck in the ground after jumping and not moving.

What exactly is the jumpthrough? Is it the whole block you have there or only the “grass”? It should be only the grass because else there will be collisions issues

The tiles that I moved are the jump thru ones, the rest of the platform has no collision.

Try to make the grass part thinner.

I did not fully understand the problem, but might be an issue of player animation files not being the same size.

the problem may be that all this block is made by small parts or one of the animations is smaller or bigger than the others

Problem Solved! Thanks for all the help guys! The animations didn’t share the same collision mask so that was causing the issue.


i am stuck in the same situation but I believe my animation have already shared the same collision mask, can you help me?


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