[Solved]Key And Another Level

Hello… I have a question. I have a platformer project. In this project I want to implement a key. This key will be necesery to unlock the door to the next level.
Question number 1: How can I make the key behave how I want in this case?
Question number 2: How can I make the level change when the player arrive at the door

Not sure how do you want to implement this exactly but you can for example use a scene variable to store if you have the key or not.

So when you pickup the key, you can set the value of the scene variable hasKey = 1.
And then when you go to the door you can check if the value of hasKey = 1 then go to the next level.
If hasKey is not = 1 then the player don’t have the key and don’t go to the next level.

Hmmm… thank you for the key… but I still have no idea how can I make the level change. new scene? or how

Yes, each level is a different scene and you can use the condition to check value of a scene variable to check if the value is 1 or not and then you can use an action to go to an other scene.

You may want to take look at the beginner tutorials here to learn about variables, scenes, events:

Thank you so much!!!