[Solved] Key Pressed Problem

Idk Why it is not working . I Always Had Problem with This Key Pressed when i use same key for more than 1 events and the mouse button pressed One . Please Help :))

Do I understand correctly that as a result you always get the value 1 in the variable?
During the first processing, your condition is true and the value of the variable changes by 2. But the code is executed further and in the next line the new condition becomes true (after all, the value of the variable has become 2, and the other conditions remain true). And again the value is changed by 1. You need to add another variable that would track only one change in this value. This problem often arises (and discussed on the forum) when checking the value of a variable, because there is no “else” line.


Naa Bro !! I Want my chracter to go to cat from dog .And again from cat to dog when key r pressed . For First Conversion From dog to cat it works fine but then it Doesnt changes or changes at very fast rate (Unnoticable)

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Ahhh !!! I Understand You Genieus . That is Genius . I will try it ant tell

It Worked Thanks @E1e5en

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