[SOLVED] Kind of solitaire card game

Hi to evryone.
I am a total beginner with Gdevelop. I’d like to realize one solitaire game, that i was used to play when i was younger in Italy.

The rules are simple:

There are 4 rows of 12 cards and 4 cards in your hands.You must complete each rows in each of the sign from 1 to queen avoiding the kings.

I was starting using as example the game of pairs. i deleted the double cards, i put all the “french cards” in their place, added all the cards on the group “cards”, added also a couple of variable more to each card (number abd type) to put them only in the right placeholder, but instead to show me all the 52 cards, it keeps on showing me only the first 8… where i can change the quantity of cards showed? Ib the events i did not see nothing…

Thanks in advance for all your help.

If you want more cards, you need to add more “position_placeholder” objects on the scene. Then you need to place your extra cards on the side of the scene.
Everything happens here:

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It’s exactly what I did… because of that i don’t understand why does not works.
I am attaching a couple of images.


Thanks again.

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Can you show a screenshot of the result? :slight_smile:

Sure, Here you are:

As You can see, also all the placeholders disappeared before they are covered from a card.

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Update: I half-solved the problem of the placeholders does not showing. Now only 8 of them it’s missing, exactly like te number of the card not showing in my test, It seems like the cards tooke their place on the placeholder, but simply does not show. I already double checked if in the sprites there are the description “front” and “back” and they are present…

Here a new screenshot:

Thanks again.

I’m not sure I understand your screenshot, you have white slots, and eight blank slots and eight red slots, what is each one?
The four red ones at the bottom are the card stacks you need to make?

Open the debugger (next to preview button) to confirm the number and position of your objects.

Yes, the reds placeholder are those which in the game would be your cards in the hands. the empty placeholder without the White borders should be the 8 missing cards… i guess… because there are not apparent reasons because placeholders should not exit otherwise. There is evidently the place for the 8 missing cards that for some reasons doe not showing.

Update: I discovered that if i put a card that is a copy of one that i have already put, the cards are 9 and not 8. I think that necause it was based on a memory game, smewhere it store sgain the information to search for pairs. I think probably on ththe beginning on “Tween…”, just i don’t know ho i can change that part…


I solved.

Was missing the Behavior “tween” in the cards that i added…

Thank You for Your time