(SOLVED - kinda) Prevent Dialogue from looping in Yarn

I’m using Yarn in GDevelop and I’m trying to prevent my dialogue from looping in my cutscene, as well as transition to a new scene.

I’m also trying to have dialogue change to the next line of text without a button press. Any help?

  • One solution for dialogue looping -

I’m making the first cutscene in my game where I don’t want any options that the player can choose.

The text just scrolls on the screen, then goes to the next line. One solution I found is making another node, but not adding any text in this one and had this node link with the previous one.

In the tag section, I named the tag ‘Ender’, saved it, then in events page, I went down to the bottom of the events and chose the condition: “The current dialogue branch contains the Ender tag”, then for action, I went for the “Change to next scene” option and that seemingly fixed the looping issue.