[SOLVED] Last line of dialogue keeps disappearing after being read

I’m creating a rpg in a similar format to Deltarune, and I’ve run into an issue. When setting up a dialogue system, there has only been this single issue. The dialogue tree runs fine, but when it gets to the last line, it doe not wait for the user to press the x button to move on from it, but skip after scrolling through it all. I’ve tried watching tutorials, and looking endlessly through examples, and I just can’t find out what I’ve done wrong.

try to change x is released for key x is pressed and add trigger once to ensure the press action only happen one time

I tried this, it didn’t seem to work? The last line of dialogue is still being skipped.

Another thing that I do is to add an extra empty node into the Yarn dialog and add a tag to that node then check if that tag is called so if that is the case the close the dialog.
Look like this:

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Thank you! I can finally move on from this, thanks for the help!