(Solved) LDtk maps tilesets

When creating a “world” in LDtk using tileset1 and importing it in Gdevelop as tilemap everything works.
I’m selecting in Gdevelop “Level index to display 0”, and it works.

BUT, when I make another level in the “world” in LDtk with a different tileset tileset2
and selecting “Level index to display” = 1. There is only a blank square.

Why ?
Can’t I use two tileset-images to make two different levels in one world in LDtk ?

Solved it myself…
When creating a new level (with a new tile-image) in a world in LDtk you have to save the project as a NEW file with a NEW filename. And then use that new file in gdevelop to find all your levels again…

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature ? :smiley: