[Solved] Link multiple objects

For each instance of char at the beginning of the scene it should create a sprite (charsprite) and a text (talk).
By linking the three objects I should be able to move them and manage them in the scene…
…but this “link” doesn’t work.

What am I doing wrong?
Maybe because they are multiple objects?

I would try to change the order of the “Take into account all char linked to …” condition in your second subevent. So first charsprite and then char etc. This might be strange but it has an effect whether it works as intended or not.
Here is a working example - the circle is already in the scene (I assume your char-object is also already there) and I attach red and pink to it. Both are moving with several instances of the circle.

Notice the order of the objects in the second block!

If you keep having problems with that, you could also just use the ‘stick objects to others’-extension

Btw you generally don’t need the ‘Always’ condition.


Thank you, now it work!