[Solved] Logic problem with OR and behaviors

This doesn’t work:

This works:

In both cases, the action is: change the animation of EUnits to 0.
Considering that I’m using a for each and a OR, I would expect identical results in both situations…
Any idea what’s going on?
I tried disabling topdown when activating pathfinding, but it didn’t change the result.

Probably because the pathfinding speed is not taking into account the movement done with the top-down behavior.
Behaviors are independant from each other and “can’t see” what is being done by others. In particular for movements.

When you say they’re blind, you mean that one behavior speed doesn’t affect other behavior speeds, correct?
I want them to be blind to each other and not interfere with one another, but it’s not doing that, since there is some kind of conflict. :thinking:

Also, I’m using an OR, so no matter what else I put in the OR, as long as the pathfinding speed = 0 condition is good, it should trigger the action, no? :confused:

What I’m trying to do is “if there’s any unit that has walking animation and is not currently moved by any means, switch to idle animation” (and the opposite: if any unit has idle animation and is being moved by any means, switch to walking").

Edit: I had conflicts with another section, it’s working as expected now. :weary: :relieved: