[SOLVED] Looking for a "contains" condition

Hello, can you tell me if there is a regular condition or extension to check if a certain string contains another string? Thank you very much!

Hello probably you need object or another information. i should open Gdevelop main menu start preview with debugger there you check object- file information or toggle developer tools there so object or file information you see.

Sorry, I didn’t quite understand what you mean, maybe I did not say it clear enough. Perhaps an example could make things clearer: this condition would be something like “if the "string" string contains "ring", execute the action”.

You can use an advanced condition Compare Two strings

Use this to look for a function to find the string
Maybe this StrFind(string, string) I don’t know, I never test this.

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Ok, I tried the “Compare two numbers” condition StrFind("string","ring") ≠ -1 and it worked. Thank you!