[Solved] Make a revolute joint work? Trying to make a plank rotate based on player landing on it

I’ve loaded up the examples of different joints, and it seems like what I need is a revolute joint. But I don’t understand how to implement it.

I want a platform that is basically a plank that is balanced horizontally until a physics object lands to the left or right of the center of the plank. At which point the plank would rotate around it’s center based on physics and the weight of the sprite (or sprites) putting it off balance.

I tried figuring out how to pin the plank to another object or just give it it’s own joint in the center, but have not found any explanation on the exact steps.

Here’s the GDevelop examples page. These 3 examples all have revolute joints:

Physics example, with a spinning plank that seems exactly what you’re after

Examples of the various joints

And another physics joints demo

I don’t know how I missed the one with the exact example I was looking for. THANK YOU!

Once I looked at the actions on that example I was able to get it to work right away.

I had seen all the other ones, and was just confused. But that one was what I needed to see.

How did you find that one? I used the word “joint” as a search term under the examples section on the start page, and went through all of those trying to figure this out.

I searched for the word Physics :smiley:

:joy: :laughing: I guess I was being to specific in my search.