[SOLVED] Make an updating journal

My game is a RPG and for that reason, I want the player to be able to discover certain journal pages at random that will serve a purpose. In the empty journal that the player receives at the beginning of the game is where the pages that the player discovers throughout the game will go. However, I also want the pages to organize themselves as they’re discovered and put into the journal. And when the player accesses the journal to look through it, the pages they discovered are there and in the correct order regardless of the order they were obtained. At first, I was just going to make a bunch of animations and piece it together that way, but I wanted to know if there’s a better way to do this in GDevelop. Any help is appreciated c:

Your journal pages should have their variable to sort them. Like first page can be given value of 1 and second page can be given value of 2.
There can be another variable to make sure that pages are with player. If they are then show else don’t show.
And also make something that pages with variable value of 1 is shown first and value of 2 is shown next.

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Thank you so much. I tried it and it worked with a few tweaks. I really appreciate it!