[SOLVED] Make the water tilemap reduce gravity

I think it’s pretty much self-explanatory
If the player’s center point is inside the “waterTiles” object group (which consists of 2 objects:
waterTop and water), it sets the gravity to 200. If not, it sets it to 400.

However, this just doesn’t work at all, any idea of why is that would help
Thank you

Hi, I would suggest that instead of the gravity you just change the falling speed when in contact with water (there is an action for that).

The platformer-object behavior switches to falling when your player is on the water tiles because your collision point is the center of the sprite. If you would add a point to the feet or bottom of your player (or just check the collision of your player sprite with the water) it would work as long as you are running from the platform to the water. As soon as you jump on the water tiles instead, again the falling state is triggered.

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