(SOLVED) Missing GUI from Scene

I’m creating a game with multiple rooms and I’m trying to make sure the GUI appears. This includes the Health hearts, Pause button, Inventory Section, and mobile buttons. I put these into an External Layout and the programming for the GUI into an External Event.

I noticed that in two rooms, the GUI shows up and works okay. In a third room (first screencap), however, none of the GUI shows up. I made sure to link the events and add the right layers, but they still won’t show when I playtest the game.

What could be causing this?

External layouts do not automatically get added to new scenes, even if you’ve added the same layers. Additionally, if the external layouts contain objects that are not global objects, those same objects will need to exist in the scene you’re creating them in.

Did you add the “Create objects from external layout” action in the new scene somewhere? Also, are the objects in the external layout global objects?

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Hello, Silver-Streak. Thanks for waiting for my reply.
The objects in the external layout are Globals, which really confused me on why they weren’t showing up.
I didn’t have the Create Objects from External Layout action added, however! Thank you for your help!

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