[Solved] Mobile touch and sliders

Hello. I have the following problem. I’m working on a mobile game - with touch controls. Now I wanted to create an options menu. I really like the sliders and checkboxes in gdevelop. But I have to set the event: “Move mouse cursor when touching screen: yes”. If I don’t do that, the slider can’t be moved. But if it is set to “yes”, errors occur in the following scene. Then the cursor is on the last clicked or touched point. Control is triggered by the cursor. Is there a way to delete or move the old mouse cursor position? Best outside of the play area. Maybe someone was able to solve a similar problem. Greetings Markus

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Solved the problem myself. It has to close the level with every change of scene. And I’ve been looking for a solution for days.

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Welcome to the forum Markus!

Glad you were able to figure out a solution. I’ve only been here a few months myself. One thing I have found for having better luck getting answers is to post a screen grab of your code (conditions and actions), and any other info that can make things make sense to others. Also, it is very possible that not many people have tried to do what you were working on. I did not even know it was something GD could do.

I wouldn’t have been able to help since I have never tried to do what you were doing and I’m new to all this anyway, but feel free to ask for more help again if needed. There are people here who help a lot if they know the answer.

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Thanks, I’ll do the screenshots next time.
I developed a customizable control for my Handy game. The controls are often criticized in many reviews. Now the user can determine himself. The size, transparency and position can be determined. So it was important to me that no old cursor position interferes with other scenes. I hope my contributions are satisfactorily legible. Use the google translator. Greetings Markus.

How can you declare posts as resolved here in the forum?

I’ve got it taken care of for you.