[Solved] Mobile Touch failed

Hello everybody,
I have a strange behavior in managing movements.

In the case of mobile the directional arrows appear.

On PC they work (I forced them to appair on the sceen), but on mobile, once you press the virtual key it seems it remains pressed even when you remove your finger.
The only way to disable the effect is to touch the screen anywhere not on the controls.
I’m using the condition:
“The cursor / touch is in ArrowObject”

If you want to try: XMass by jumpingj
Source: https://github.com/jumpingjh/XMass

Thanks 1000,

This is because when you touch the screen, you also move the cursor and the cursor remain in position of the touch and the condition “The cursor/touch is on object” will always be true even after you remove your finger.

The solution is to deactivate the movement of the cursor with touch on mobile devices.
There is an event to do just that, look for “De/activate moving the mouse cursor with touch” event and set it to “no”.

It should solve the problem but keep that in mind, in this case the cursor will remain at position 0,0 at all times, so make sure you don’t put anything in to the top left corner that need to be clicked/touched.

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Podrias poner un ejemplo. Yo tengo el mismo problema, muchas gracias por todo.

Thanks, should I insert the command in Begin of scene or each time I detect a touch ?

It is enough to run it only once at the beginning of the scene.
Keep that in mind, it works only on Android and iOS devices, it doesn’t work on touch capable Windows and Linux devices as far as I can tell.

It is a single event only:
At the beginning of the scene : Move cursor with touch : no


It works !!! Thanks a lot

si, funciona, gracias

Hi, I’m having a similar problem where I have an object that rotates towards a touch point when touch is on a surrounding object. However, when the mouse cursor moves onto the surrounding object, the first object points to 0,0, until the mouse is moved away from the surrounding object. When the game is published on itch.io, it works fine when played on a Windows device, but touch does not work when played on the iPad. It is very confusing and I"m hoping someone might know why and have an explanation. Thanks in advance.

The game is here if you want preview: Mathsteroids (Demo) by gameboyblake.