[SOLVED] Mouse Double click Issue

Hi everyone , a problem in gdevelop really bugs me out,that is double click ,i searched it on internet and it seems of no value ,the problem is

i have a down buttons which shows steps downside by pressing it repeatedly ,but it skips steps in bw, i tried to control it via variable but its like adding extra step in bw of changing variable and assigning it when mouse button is released ,which is not efficient

is their any efficient method out there to solve this double button issue ???

chekc out the video and problem

Did you try the double click extension?

yeah i used it but cant seems to understand it

the problem i am facing is even i m pressing single time ,it tends to taps mutiple times and skips steps in bw

This likely doesn’t have to do with the clicking action, but has more to do with how you have your events show up.

If you’re using the same button for multiple actions, you will need to have a toggle state variable, otherwise those actions will all occur in the same frame.

How to toggle states using Variables [GDevelop wiki] is a tutorial about toggle states with variables.

well its not resolving and is real pain in the ass Issues with Gdevelop ,frame skiping - YouTube check this out video ,i am doing a complex project and this double clicking is really halting my progress ,please help

you can see in the video that frames skip form 24 to 72 intstead it should move smoothly from 24,46,48 and 72

You’ll need to show a screenshot (not photo) of your events for anyone to help more, but I’m 99% sure the issue is you need to use a toggle state as mentioned in the above example.

image The original events were bit too complex so i made a bit simple on here the issue

trigger once even donot resolve the issue

Have mouse/ touch is down only 1 time and all events triggered by it as subevents of it.

still frameskipping

You do not have any toggle state variables in your events. V is not a toggle state variable, that is your scene variable for the buttons.

In addition to Slash’s suggestion about updating it to one event with sub events (you kept ot as 3 separate events with separate sub events for each), you will still need to add a separate toggle state variable. Refer to the tutorial I linked and read through to the bottom for an example of what you will need to do.

@Silver-Streak @Slash i tried this

but still it skipps the highlkighted portion and directly jumps to animation 72

Not is on button first.
Touch is down first and only 1 time.
Is on button is a subevent of mouse is down.
And do
+1 to variable V instead.
Then as subevents you check V and do your actions.

Use ether trigger one on mouse/touch is down, or use a timer if you want to hold down to scroll

thanks @Slash but sorry i didnt get at all what you are trying to say, the events you trying to tell
also timer is almost impossible as i have lot of events so timer will b mess

No timer in itself is no mess, only bad use of it is a mess. Like your use of events right now is a mess.

I’ll go on the pc and show you a screenshot of how to structure your events properly

thanks @Slash , i will be waiting for your reply i am sending you the file ,i just want to make it more efficient with as much less steps as possible .i believe Gdevelop is great tool ,it shouldn’t been down by such simpler bug

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T911Ds62pZY0_WpVMCXLrI4XSwzQFwth/view?usp=sharing here is link to the file

also this condition seems to work the extension but i cant under stand this extension

this is the most efficient way:

same issue

you dont understand, the screenshot i showed you is all you need.

if you want to do it like you did before, it should look like this:

and you also need to go to your scene variables and set V to 0, not to 1