[Solved] Mouse wheel smooth zoom problem

Hi all, I’ve already used the search on the forum but haven’t finded a solution.
In the forum there is how to make a smooth camera zoom when an object A is near the object B but this isn’t my case.

These are my events but i’m unable to make it smooth…

How can i make it smooth?

Thanks in advance!

Ok seems have solved with TimeDelta().

How did you solved that?

You can also use lerp() or tweens animations system on a variable.

Isn’t a complete solution but at the moment until i’ll find a better solution, timedelta give a small smoothness to the camera. You can notice it using the keys + and - instead of the mouse wheel.

@Bouh Bouh thanks for your suggestion, I’ve read about lerp and tweens but i’m using Gdevelop from two weeks so actually i don’t know how to use them.


Thanks…I was also trying to make something like this on my project

Thank you so much bro Finally I have finished that problem thanks to you…I have tryed that time delta before but that didn’t worked for me…Thanks man thank you very much

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