[Solved] Mouse Wheel?

Is there a solution in GDevelop to read values from the mouse wheel, middle mouse button or even additional mouse buttons?

For HTML5 games, only left/right button can be used.
For the mouse wheel, there is the MouseWheelDelta expression but only for native games.

Why no mwheel in web version? I’ve seen few HTML5 games that made use of wheel and middle button.

//edit: Mouse wheel: sitepoint.com/html5-javascript-mouse-wheel/
Middle button (see best answer): stackoverflow.com/questions/3272 … n-on-mouse

Thank you very much for your replies.

I am working with GDevelop native platform - but I still can’t find mousewheeldelta.

Searching for “mouse” in the conditions leads me to:
-Sprite->Mouse->The cursor is on an object
-Mouse and touch->Mouse button down or held (where I found the other accessible buttons)
-Mouse and touch->Cursor/touch X position
-Mouse and touch->Cursor/touch Y position

Searching for “mouse” in the conditions brings up:
-Mouse and touch->Hide the cursor
-Mouse and touch->Center the cursor
-Mouse and touch->Center cursor horizontally
-Mouse and touch->Center cursor vertically
-Mouse and touch->Show the cursor
-Mouse and touch->Position the cursor of the mouse

Searching the listing of built-in extensions doesn’t give me any result including the word “mouse”.
Where should I search that extension?

It’s an expression so you need to save it to variable first then do comparison. As to where it’s located in expression window, it’s under Other functions->Mouse and touch->Mouse wheel displacement.


thank you very much!

From my beginner viewpoint (and it’s pleasant to be a newb in such a friendly and helpful community) I’d like to have mousewheel accessible in the actions and conditions tab, too.
If you look at gaming there is a frequent use of the mousewheel - scrolling through text, zooming.
Are there still mice available without mouse wheel?

Maybe it is good to have this exclusively under expressions or maybe my suggestion makes some sense.
What do the other users (yes, you, the one who is reading this) think?

Why not? Some sort of mouse wheel has been moved by X could be useful. Though now it isn’t like it’s super complicated either.