[solved]Move project from computer to gdevelop cloud

How do I…

move project from computer to gdevelop cloud.

What is the expected result

my project will be in gdevelop cloud.

What is the actual result

my normal project in my computer (not in cloud)

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File > Save as > GDevelop Cloud :slightly_smiling_face:

This will create a new copy of your project onto the Cloud, which is accesible on the ‘Build’ section of the Home page.

It’s a seperate copy, so your old .json file should still exist on your computer.

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thanks you so much : D
laso a random question is it very safe to keep the Gdevelop cloud?
or should I install new versions to my computer just in case?

The convenient option (which I myself am doing), is to only keep the Cloud version of my projects.

The safer option is to only keep your PC version (and ignore the Cloud for now). Then much later, move your projects to Cloud when it’s been around longer, and is safer to use after several updates.

If you want to keep your PC projects, but ALSO use the Cloud… You technically can keep each copy on each platform, but it seems like an unnecessary hassle to edit and update both versions seperately.

Option 1: Use Cloud only, for convenience.
Option 2: Ignore Cloud, and keep PC projects only, for safety.
Option 3: Make & keep both copies of your projects, safe but troublesome.

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thank you so much : D
seems like I’m going to use option 2, for now.