[SOLVED] MP3 over WAV for sounds - Whats the problem?

My game has a ton of WAV files for sounds and I need to add more. I use WAV because is recommended, but I know that I can have smaller sized sounds if I use mp3. My game is getting too big because of all these wav.

What are the issues I’ll have if I change a 300kb wav for a 30kb mp3 for sounds?

If you use 256kb/s mp3 or higher, you shouldn’t notice much change in terms of quality.
You can also use OGG which is the open-source equivalent of mp3.

A 320kbps mp3 is likely going to give you near imperceptible difference in audio quality from a wav file…but take up less than 1/4 the space.

Though i think safari does not support ogg files (not 100% sure).

If ill have no problems using mp3 instead of wav for sounds, and mp3 is smaller in size, why does WAV is recommended for sound?

I used to have WAVs for sounds and MP3s for music. A Safari update a few months ago resulted in WAVs not being played. I changed everything to MP3s and have had no issues since. So, at least in my experience, I’ve had no trouble using MP3s for everything.

Can you explain where you are getting that/seeing wav is recommended for sound?


Hmmmmmm. I’m wondering if that was recommended because a lot of people’s MP3 editors tend to add a delay before/after audio, as that type of “pause” is normal for music.

If you’re making your own audio, MP3 or OGG should be fine.

gonna convert them all right now

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I’ve added clarification to that wiki page. Thanks for the heads up.

The main advantage of WAV files over anything that is encoded (ogg or mp3) is that it should have better performance. Any sound type that is encoded needs to be decoded first and then played resulting in more processing power needed. Since WAV files are not encoded they can be played as is…

This potentially true for CPU usage, but when you have dozens of wav files for sound effects going off at once, you run into high RAM usage.