[Solved] Multiple Enemies Detection

Screen Shot 2023-08-29 at 4.44.31 PM
(Middle one is the player)
I am trying to make it so these enemies scream when you are close enough. It works, but only with one at a time. If one detects me, the other won’t until I get out of that close distance, then back in, making again only one able to detect me.

These are my events. I’ve tried distance to object yet it still has the same result

You have a ‘repeat for each object’- event and a ‘trigger once’. This is not working together. Just remove the ‘Trigger once’-condition and it should work. Btw, I would keep the ‘distance to object’-condition.

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the sound and the rest of the effects are playing every frame now. is there any other way to make a for each play only once each time its triggered?

Nevermind, I added a condition for if the animation isn’t the scream one. Thank you for your help!