(Solved) Multiple inputs in one frame?

Hi people!!

I’ve been tinkering a bit around with a new idea, and i want to do a tilebased movement system, where player 1 can move to either of the 4 sides, and after they’ve done so the other player can do the same.

But… when i run my game, if you press any 2 keys simultaneously, it does both movements resulting in a diagonal movement.
As I have put the boolan to false right after the new target position, this should not happen i believe, so i must be missing something, or not understand how GDev runs its code…

Any help or feedback would be suuuper appreciated!!

I leave you here the code and a depiction of the WIP game:

Thanks a lot!! <3

I would try change the boolean as the first event action… or stick boolean condition in and run each key press as seperate event

Simple but it worked :smiley:
Thanks a lot!!

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Happy to help and glad it worked!