[Solved] Music not playing

I have set the music to play at the begining of a scene but it only works sometimes, any help??? Im not sure but I think it also hapends with other things like if I want to change a variable at the begining of a scene.

Could you share a screenshot of your events? Or share an example scene?

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I will share a screenshot tomorrow coz I can’t rn but I only said At the beginig of the scene, play music “something” volume 100, loop-yes. This is what i remember

I have also tried some workarounds like playing the music when a variable is changed (a global one) but it didn’t work either

Okay, I’ll be interested in see the events and see if I can replicate it!

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As I said i think its a glitch because it only works sometimes

Im sorry for not sending the screenshot when i said but I was very busy.
The problem is on the last line

Maybe a silly question but what happens if you had a mp3? Is wav supported?

Before a sound/music can be played, you have to ensure that the player have interacted first with your game (a simple click/touch on the screen is ok to unlock audio)
This is not a limitation from GDevelop, but from Google.

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it doesn’t work either

it is, as i said, it works sometimes

will it work if i export the game to android??

Normally you can hear it in the preview.
And if it works it will be available in the Android export.

I have a first scene where I ask for a click and / or pressed a key on the keyboard.
Then I change the scene, and when I start this scene I start the music.
If it doesn’t work try putting the sound file here I will test the audio file.

If your music works sometimes maybe the audio is not toally loaded before reading.

It works with actions like clicks, and I tried what you said. Can I make a song play and continue in two scenes? I hope you understand what i mean

Take a look in this list you have a video tutorial for this

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Thank you!!!