[Solved] My background image is not showing

Hello. guys actually I am making a game in gdevelop I had inserted a background image for my start scene and level selector scene and when I run it as a preview I can see my image. But when i export the game for android my image get disappear only i can see that my start button in start scene and in level selector scene i can only see my level. I can’t see background of both scene any solution. I had also checked my Z-order

How big is the background image (dimensions and file size)?

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dimension- width-1602, height-729
file size- 2.93 mb

The image size might be the culprit. Try applying some of the suggestions (like breaking up your image into multiple, smaller images or compressing your image file) in these links:



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still not working. showing black screen only. When i export for windows it is showing but when I export for android it is not showing

Is this the size of the original image or has it been scaled down in the editor? Also, do you have any layer effects enabled?

Android has very strict memory and image size limitations, and they get smaller depending on the native RAM and OS version of Android. iOS is even more restrictive.

As a test, shrink the image in Piskel to something like half size, 801x364, and see if it renders. If it does, your image is too big for your device to handle as a single image.

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no i had decrease the size. I don’t have layer effect in that scene. In the editor I scale down

so what to doo to get rid of this problem

If it works on PC, but not an android, this likely just means your image sizes are not compatible with the mobile device you’re testing. Newer devices may work with it, or they may not.

But we’re going to need more detail before we can help confirm that. Did you try reducing the size to what I mentioned above or smaller? (Larger doesn’t qualify as testing in this case.)

yes i reduce the size

To what size did you reduce the image? And you reduced the file size, not in the image in the GDevelop editor, right?

the file size is 458.9 KB

Can you provide the file dimensions?

can you join my discord server so that we can talk there more easily . BTW the dimension


No, those are the dimension in GDevelop. What are the dimensions of the image (open it in an image editor to get them, or hover your mouse over the file if you’re using Windows)?

dimension are 7349*2450

If your image is that size it will not load on any mobile device. The custom size option in Gdevelop just changes scaling, which won’t impact limits.

You need to resize the source image to be less than 2000x2000. That will at least work on modern mobile devices. (Resizing has to be done to the source file, not just by using the custom size options in GDevelop)

Edit: you could also cut up the file into pieces that are each less than 2000x2000. That will also work.


ok i will cut it thanks for your help

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