[Solved] My Game is laggy and ticky on a real device

My Game is fast on preview and also the APK is fast when using it on Bluestack on my Windows Laptop. However, the game very very laggy on my Android mobile phone like it ticks like clock. Please how do I resolve this?

The game is more like a 2D an offline version of a mini MMO (Massive Multiplier Online) game for 50 characters on screen and so because of this, I created 50 object clone for an actual object to represent these characters on the scene using JavaScript code (This was done in a JavaScript subevent At the beginning of scene). Again, the position of 49 of the objects are updated randomly, while the first one is been controlled by the player. It lags badly and ticks like clock when all the 50 characters are in motion when I use the deployed APK on my Android phone but it works fine on my PC and Preview. Meanwhile, if I reduce the number of the objects to 2, it starts to work fine. However, that is not the idea for the game as it has to be 50 characters on the scene. Please I need help urgently to fix this. Thank you in advance!

Ok, it is fixed now. It was my collusion event that caused it. Thank you!