[SOLVED] Need help, "Special"/Advanced projectile problem/possible bug, no movement from firing

How do I…

Combine burst, angle variance, speed variance, deceleration, limited lifespan, into one with FireBullet and AdvancedProjectile extensions, I just need to know how to fix the problem I am having

What is the expected result

Burst of bullets firing at different angles and speed right after each other until a limit has been reached

What is the actual result

Works most of the time, but sometimes the projectiles only spawn without moving from firing (might take some time before it happens, and apparently it happens more when shooting around the left direction, i know there is a thing with how angle/direction might contradict with the force of an object so maybe it has something to do with it)

Related screenshots

The “caster” (the FireBullet properties)

The projectile (AdvancedProjectile properties)

Events and conditions for firing

Screenshot of the problem (probably useless, but it is the best that i got)

(I can try to get a gif if I have the time)

Project files (optional)

I have the zip file if you need to experiment
(How do you put/upload zip files here anyway?)

I will update and edit if i find more info on this problem.
Ideas and help are appreciated!

(Might reply late)

Edit 3: Better info

Hi @ZeroHopeV

I’m pretty sure the problem is caused from the acceleration property of the AdvancedProjectile extension. I’m not sure why, but I tested it and this seems to be the problem. Instead, you can easily recreate the behavior without the need for the extension.

Also for the caster, you don’t need to use timers for cooldown and bullets count / interval since the FireBullet extension has all these properties.

Instead of counting the bullets and the cooldown timer, you can use the shots per reload and reloading properties. And instead of the bullet interval timer, you can set the cooldown property to 0.1, then just add this event:

  • enemy on screen / pick nearest to player → Fire bullet towards enemy

One thing I want to point out in your event, the “pick all enemy objects” cancels out the “enemy is on screen” (being after it) since the purpose of it is to pick all the objects ignoring previous filtering conditions.

Thanks, I will try it out when I have time.

Edit: It worked!