[SOLVED] Need Help with High Score System in GDevelop

Hello GDevelop Community,

I’m a beginner working on a game in GDevelop and I’m having trouble implementing a high score system. Despite following several tutorials and forum posts, I’m still facing issues.

The high score doesn’t seem to be updating correctly. It always shows as 0, even when the current score is higher.

I would really appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you in advance!


It looks like theres a typo on the event that saves the high score. It looks like it saves the score to “storaget”

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Hello, thank you for your suggestion. I’ve corrected the typo in the event that saves the high score, but unfortunately, the issue still persists. The high score continues to display as 0. Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Can you post a screenshot of the code that handles the text?

You should have a line that updates the text. Something like this.

This is what I use to update the text on my UI

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Thank you for your response. I’ve attached a screenshot of all the code related to the high score in my game. I’m a beginner and still learning how to use GDevelop. Thanks again for your help!

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No worries, there’s a heck of a learning curve when it comes to this stuff.

You should just need to add a line that updates the text object that your high score will appear on.

Add a blank condition (runs every frame), In the blank condition, add an event for changing the text object (HScoreText in your objects) to ToString(Variable(HighScore))

That way, the text object will get updated every frame with the new value of the HighScore variable.

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Thank you so much for your help! Your suggestion worked and the high score is now displaying correctly.

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