[Solved]Need Simple Global Inventory Example

Almost 2 month im effort and i tired global inventory i cant.

Gdevelop examples have just inventory system is so not work global. i look all tutorials but no global inventory.

i look forum all help topics everyone used different system inventory for their own project. I tried to apply my inventory. New users for really very hard…

İf master someone make simple global inventory(Gdevelop examples inventory system) 1 item global all scene work and use.This enought all new Gdevelop users… And all happy :slightly_smiling_face:

My target point click game inventory. Thanks.

Here inventory and shop all in one


İ dont see this Gdevelop examples and forum.I missed.Amazing and great master job.

if i re make you example my screenshoot inventory work all scene ?

and sound and image out code project it is mit license ?

Hey there, i asked the same questions a while ago at the bottom is a tutorial i followed its REALLY long but if you follow along you will learn alot of other skills and understand how things work. I only did the inventory tutorials it is completely for beginners and is deceptively easy but as i said its long. You will also learn how to use variables+structures along the way

Items are not using the’ Inventory extension’ rather global variables/structures

You can see preview of it mildly modified here

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Thanks for the answer.I’ll try a little more looking at the examples and wiki.if i do i will add it here simple global basic inventory for all beginner.To learn algorithms and basic logic.Sorry my bad english.

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