[Solved] New video loader and export problem

No, it is not something can not be fixed, I’m sure it is an easy fix but not something that can be fixed on our end. Only the devs can fix it. Must be something with the way GD export the game and reference the resources but I am not a web developer and this useless error messages the reason I never be. The error messages you get in the console never useful but always confusing. Give some time to the devs and they will fix it whatever it is. You don’t need to start from scratch but keep an eye on this topic in case 4ian ask for the project.

I guess it is also safe to report it on GitHub as a bug.

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Ok, thank you!! The game is my diploma - should be ready till end of june and it’s very stressful situation :sweat_smile:

For me the problem is with the assets, i see some sprite bigger than 2048x2048, it’s not recommended.
I don’t know the solution, maybe like sayed ddabrahim you need open a issue on github for that.
This can be many problem or just a little bug.

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There is definitely something wrong with the way GD reference the assets.
I was curious if I could catch the bit that actually cause the problem and created a new project, copied everything over, all the scenes and assets and so far the game works. What doesn’t work for some reason the objects can not find the images even though in the resources everything is restored, the path is correct but the objects still can not load the images. Need to manually go through the objects and add the images again, but that is the least you can do. I have restored the game up to the old town, I have also changed some events because it bugged for me. All you need to do is add the images to the objects again and it should work for now.

Here is the fixed json:

Make sure you make a copy of your original in case I did break something.

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I don’t think so - big images are backgrounds and there was nothing wrong when I exported game before this issue appear , and I had already 4 first locations with jazz club included. :no_mouth:

ddabrahim - wow, thanks for this restoration! and for fixing events - I made most of them intuitively, and for the first time, so I can imagine they are messy :slight_smile:
I’ll add images again and try to export again, and of course let you know.
THANKS! :pray:

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IT WORKS!!! I replaced images in whole game, exported it and it works! :hugs::grinning:
Only have some camera issue - when hero jumps (isn’t on the floor) camera stops following him and after falling down jumps to the right position. But when I restored hero in one level the problem disappeard so it’s probably to fix :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m sooo happy and grateful!
Thank you!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: