[SOLVED] Number of objects in collision with one single object

Quick question, is there a way to identify the number of objects in collision with a single object? For example, I have a player and he’s colliding with a table, a chair, and a cup, and I want to get the number of things he’s touching. In this example, the answer is 3. Is there a way to do this? I can handle simple javascript if its necessary.

Perhaps add all objects to a group, then check if that group is in collision with the player. If so, get the number of items from that group currently picked.


One way would be to have all objects in a group “objects” and run a For each instance of “objects” group, checking if objects are in collision with the player. Everytime the condition (collision) is true, add 1 to a counter. This counter will be the number of objects in collision with the player.

Great idea! The objects are already in a group, but the expression / condition that returns picked instances does not account for collisions (may be a bug / something on my end?). I could use the “pick nearest”. Will update this thread if I find anything!

Here’s a demo that seems to work ok:

Peek 2022-09-11 20-59


This is perfect! Probably just needs tweaking on my end. I’m marking this thread as solved for now. Thanks @BWPanda and @Bluzima.

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