[Solved] Object alignment issue

I am facing an strange problem with object placement.

Both of these objects are of same width and height. Both have different X position.

However, when I make their Y position same, they don’t seem to agree and their alignment gets disturb.

To align them, I have to move objects in the editor. For instance, in the below picture, both button have different Y positions, yet they appear to be at the same level

This is what happens when I make their Y positions same:

This is the first time I am facing this issue. So far, I have aligned all my objects in the similar fashion (keeping X or Y similar and changing the other coordinate) and never faced any issues.

BTW, I recently updated GDevelop to 5.2.166 (editor full version: 5.2.166-2496fc3eefd3a25c7a452d10b751395e9a6b6e13, core version: 4.0.99-0-release). Not sure if this issue has something to do with this update.

How can I fix this?

Check that the origin is the same on both sprites. It looks like the joystick sprite has the origin at the centre of the image, while the jump button sprite has it on the top left corner.

Thanks a ton @MrMen. So foolish of me. I should have guessed it. :frowning: