[Solved] Object follow mouse problem

I have a simple problem. I want a crosshair to follow the mouse pointer, but for some reason it doesn’t work.

So i created an object named “crosshair” and i put it on the scene. Then i added an action:

Change the position of Crosshair set to Mouse.X() (x axis), set to Mouse.Y() (y axis)

But when i start the “game” nothing happens, the crosshair doesn’t move. Any Suggestions what i did wrong?

Did you added the cursor in the view port? Because to run this event you need to place the cursor sprite in the scene.

Yes, like i wrote, i put it on the scene.

Well add condition named “Always”

That unfortunately didn’t do anything.

I uploaded the file here: File-Upload.net - Datei nicht gefunden

Does it work for you?

https://we.tl/t-aoRPtAh94y hERE IS a EXAMPLE

You use the wrong expressions for Mouse.

You should use
MouseX("", )

Double quotes and comma are important in this expression. When you are stuck on this prefer use the sigma button for open the expression list and search “Mouse”.

Ahh that works!! Thanks A LOT!! <3

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I see! Thanks alot for clearing that up!! :slight_smile: