(Solved) Object will follow the clicked position

Can i click the screen and the object will follow the position where i clicked it?

I tried TouchX() and TouchY() and it did not work

Hi, you write that you tried TouchX() and TouchY(), but how do you move the object?

yes but it just remains in the top left of the screen when i clicked it

No, my question is how do you move the object to the touch coordinates? Can you post your events?

yes here is the condition and action

the object wont move to the position of the click for some reason but it works well with mouseX(), mouseY()

In your Touch-expression at least one parameter is missing - the Touch Identifier, that’s why your events have the red wavy line.
Do you need several touches at the same time? If not you can just use CursorX () and CursorY() (or MouseX() and MouseY()).

You can read about that here:
and here you find the expression-reference:

Can i see the condition and action to make the object follow the click position?

How can i make a touch id can you show me how?

I have linked it in my previous post. There is an example, it is under ‘Handle manually multi-touch gestures (advanced)’. But if you just tap on the screen once and don’t do anything else at the same time you probably don’t need the touch id.

Update: it worked and im not using any touch id, thanks for letting me know, my gratitude

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