[SOLVED] Objects not moving

I set that when an object called satelite collides with an object called “collision” , the “satelite” object will stop moving and then change its direction. However, when the two objects collide, “satelite” doesn’t stop moving, nor change its direction.
If you dont understand me, say me in the replies and I will add photos and videos.

there is a moving platform in the basic platformer example. thats do exactly what you are want. take a look at it!

I followed the steps of that tutorial, also in other projects that I created before, the objects actually moved, I copied the exact behiavor of my older projects, in wich the objects moved, and nothing happened. I will upload a link for a video in youtube to show what happens.
Edit: Nevermind. I added a sprite to the “colision” object and it actually worked.
Note: add a sprite to an object if you want it to properly collide with other objects.

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