[Solved] On Mouse Release function broken

The code triggers on mouse click, even when consolidated into the same condition. I tried to move it outside to troubleshoot but it always triggers on mouse click, even though I have the inverse selected. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @Thaumus

I’m having trouble understanding what’s the problem and what you’re trying to achieve here. Which code triggers on mouse click? There are multiple things happening in your events so try to be more specific when you say code or condition or move it outside.

Also this is clearly not a bug so please move this topic to the “How do I” section and give more context to the problem and what you’re trying to do to be able to help you better.

The code where the number is applied to the health bar is intended to fire on release of the mouse. But it fires on mouse down. Despite there being a mouse down inverse.

Nevermind, it was because the code is UNDER each other in the hierarchy. My apologies for the whole confusion.

It’s alright! Glad you figured it out.