[SOLVED] Panel/tiled sprite animations

Am I correct that the panel and tiled sprites can not have different animations? For example, if I had different types of ground (dirt, grass, rocks) where I could just have one Object with three different animations (that could be changed with Events), as opposed to three separate Objects.

Correct. Animations only have exist for sprites or tilemaps.

I noticed yesterday that Panel sprites have an action associated with then called “Change Image” but I have no idea how to use it… like what is the String you put in there? Perhaps the name of the Resource from the resource browser?

Anyways, if that works like I would expect it to then you could presumably use the same Panel sprite object with multiple images (like the themes you mentioned) as long as the margins are the same for all the images.


HOLY. MOLY. It worked! You just put in the name of the image (for example: “ground-grass.png”) and it totally works. I might have to go turn all my tiled sprites into panel sprites so I can do it with them as well. This is the action:


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