[solved]Pathfinding character move through impassible object!

I made the packman-like character as an pathfinding object, and violet wall as impassible object.
Packman avoid some walls but sometimes he go through the wall like nothing matters.
Plus, when I set the virtual grid higher than 15, it even does not move.
The aisle width is 40 pixels, packman is 24*24 pixels.
Please help me!

I’ve seen where if you rotate a sprite that’s an obstacle then the Pathfinder object goes through it. I’ve never really tested it. Check if the walls you can go through are rotated. Intead of rotating a wide sprite try making the sprite tall with a rotation of zero. Resize it instead of rotating it. Let me know if that fixes it. We should probably file a bug report if we can verify it.

As far as the grid. The way I understand it. Apologies if I’m wrong. The grid is fixed with an offset. The larger the grid, the larger the steps the object takes. It kind of travels on the grid or at least from point to point. If there aren’t any points outside of obstacles then the object won’t move. Even if the spacing seems large enough, you need to take into account the origin or offset. Either each dot will fall on an obstacle or fall in the gap between the obstacles. It’s best to keep it smaller and leave a little wiggle room.


It worked! Thank you so much!

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