[Solved] Pathfinding enemy

I want the enemy to be created at a particular point when timer is less than 20 and also follow the player but it keeps on going somewhere else

The enemy does not follow the player whenever it spawns

I think you should replace the “permanent” force with an “instant” one (you might have to change the force in pixels as well)

In events i don’t see you use the behaviour “path finding” and you have events bad organization, AND you put the “enemy” use a force 100 pixels to go and find player (That don’t care) “once time” (This is the important factor) you need to put this event permanent or always, just put enemy search in sub-event. (Sorry for my bad english I still learning :slight_smile: )

Yes, because you’ve told it once to aim for the player (it’s in the trigger once). That move towards a point isn’t applied all the time. It’s like someone standing on ice and being given a shove in one direction. They keep in sliding without changing direction. The Enemies direction never changes because it’s never told again to move towards the player.

What I think you’re trying to achieve (from what the events you have tell me) can be reduced to :

Thank you, it worked