[Solved] Pathfinding rotation and other questions

My project:

If my Pathfinding object has rotation …

  1. why don’t the animations change at these angles?

  2. How to express the condition between angles greater than 338 degrees and less than 21 degrees?

  3. is angle 0 equal to angle 360?

Please help. :blush:

I use this chart it works fine.

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Thanks for the chart.
Unfortunately, my problem remains the same.
The enemy animations with Pathfinding behavior do not change when rotating in the northwest, north and northeast directions.

You are using same range of angles for different animations.Avoid that!

I do not understand how it may be happening.
Where is the conflict between the ranges of animation supposed to be?

I put them like this:
Northwest = range between angles 204 to 246.

north = range between angles 249 to 291.

northeast = range between angles 294 to 336.

I still don’t find the problem. :disappointed_relieved:

Note that when you go to the left of enemy, the angles become negative.
Create a variable to store the angle and a text to read it.
You’ll notice that.

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interesting … negative angles …
I will experiment with it.

Already tested and it works perfectly.:smiley:

My question is where are the tutorials of the negative angles?
Well thanks for your help.:+1: