[Solved] PathfindingObstacle seems inconsistent

I am making another isometric game and as in my last game the PathfindingObstacle seems very inconsistent. I am using copies of a simple black square, made in Piskel, as obstacles to prevent my player from walking outside the game area. Even though my obstacles overlap each other the player sometimes seem to get thru. The only way to make it work is to make the obstacles really big and make them overlap each other, a lot. In my last game that wasn’t necessary. I could have lot’s of small squares to make my map more precise, instead of having big blocks.

One more thing. If the player clicks outside the non restricted area or on an obstacle, the game character starts to walk without moving, as if he was doing a moonwalk :smile:

What can be the problem?



There are a few issues reported on the github for this object, so perhaps your issues are related.

Can you share a dummy project showing your issues?

Hi Gruk,
Actually you can download the game that I am working on, since I’m only in the beginning of development doing some tests. http://posh.se/the_prompter/MyGame.zip



I reverted pathfinder to full square sprite, removed behavior on the guy, and added path found condition to all anims except for idle.
Let me know if you still experience issues.

That works perfectly.

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