[Solved] Physics and rotate shape


I have a object with triangle shape. It has physics behaviour and I do a poligon shape for the collision. The problem seem that when my triangle rotate in the game because it collision with others objects, it seems that his shape collision stay without rotate.


I would like to help but you provide not enough information, could you specify the problem? (or just send the project)

Sorry. Look this firts capture. In this, I have a triangle with physics and when it contact the red line, I create a particle system.

On the second capture, the triangle is a little rotate but de collision point state in the same place like the triangle isn’t rotate.

Now: Show me the events
Because the problem should be there.

Sorry, I think what happens…the red line it isnt physics so the collision with de shapes is with de collision mask…a create a proper mask for the tirangles and now it works…thanks