[Solved] Pi π should be available as a mathematical tool

I don’t need to explain why pi is important in geometry and can’t always be substituted with 180 or 3.14159, I was a little surprised to find that it’s not available in GDevelop as a mathmatical tool.


Yes, if you want developers to take time to add a feature, you need to explain why you need it. Please give a specific case where you need it and how you would use it.

The John Machin’s formula is the next:
PI = 16arctg(1/5) - 4arctg(1/239)
At the start of your game, you affect the result to global variable PI.
No need that Developers work on that.


It would be useful to me to have pi added to GDevelop because I can’t do what I need to because of the difference in results of using Machin’s pi and actual pi. I don’t know how complicated it is to add pi in, but it does seem like a shortcoming not to have it.

The screenshot shows the values of x, y and h (theta) with green underlines for pi and red underlines for Machin pi (VarPi).

The screenshot is from an online Python editor with pi imported from the math library. So if I can do that Python stuff, can I do what I need in javascript? I don’t really want to find out, I think it would complicate things beyond my capabilities and interests.

Really there is no Pi?
Let me add this!

Edit: I just added Pi.
Soon available (After GDevelop 5.0.141)