[SOLVED] Pixel art movement jitter


I have the newest version of gDevelop (5.2.176). I have a problem with my top down movement behavior.
My project’s game resolution is 640x360. I feel like this might not be noticeable with higher resolutions but I don’t know.

Here are all my events. There are no conditions.

Here are the behavior settings.

My problem is that when I start test the game and move, the player sprite (which is maybe 16x16 pixels big) jitters seemingly at random maybe once in couple of seconds when moving straight. When moving diagonally, it jitters constantly. How do I fix this?

To clarify, we are not talking about jittering a whole pixel. It’s much less but very noticeable.

send me exemple of your project, it will be more simple ! i will try to help you :wink:

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Hi. Thanks a lot. I have never tried to share a project before so I hope this is what you are asking for:


Hopefully it works.

yes but your link is deleted… retry :wink:

Hi. I wonder why it stopped working. I tested it before I sent it to you.
Anyway, sorry for a late response I couldn’t answer you sooner. Here’s a new link:


Try it in properties and tell me if it’s good :wink:

I tired linear. It doesn’t fix the jittering and only makes the pixel art blurrier. Nearest seems like a better Scale mode.

Does changing it to linear fix it for you? Did you try that on my shared project?

Your project dont work because you need send the folder with picture and game… and you have send me only the game outside his folder without picure s of your game… for me, you can do like my exemple, but with smoothing disable… it’s the best way i know for this problem, but it’s not really perfect too… try like me and disable smoothing of pictures, and tell me if it’s better . If no, i can not help you more … sorry

Sorry for not sharing the project correctly. If you have time, could you try to replicate my problem with a new project of your own? It only takes few minutes.

-Make sure the resolution is 640x360
-Add only the events I shared in the first post
-Add a sprite, make some 16x16 character and add topdown-movement behavior onto it.
-copy the behavior settings I shared in the first post

Then just move around little bit and look for jittering. And if you are able to see it, can you get rid of it?

I understand - though - if you have nothing to add to this conversation anymore. :slight_smile:

okay, i will do it :wink:

that is good :wink: tell me if it’s good for you :wink:

like that it’s better… without round pixels… because when round pixels, this is not perfect …

compares the two projects in the properties and visually :wink: it’s alway without smoothing picture, but just linear :wink:

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Thanks. It seems like the project you sent works well. It does not jitter. I’m trying to understand what’s the difference between your project and mine.

Here’s mine again, I hope it works this time: https://we.tl/t-bOky89K1xG

Are you able to see the jittering here? Can you fix it? I’ll keep trying myself meanwhile.

In your example, you don’t have “round pixels when rendering” checked in properties! I have. I unchecked the box and the jittering stopped! Thank you very much for your help.
( I wonder why it says “useful for pixel perfect games” … wasn’t useful for me… )

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Happy for you , i think this problem is on every games engine… and every games are linear or not so perfect :wink:

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hi how are you. Hope you are doing well