[Solved] Platform from one second to another does not works

Hi, I have another problem, working and trying game in a moment the player just began to go through the platform and falling, wtf??? I’ve checked the platform behavior, the collision mask, the player behaviors, erased the platform and added it again, closed the program and opened again, and nothing works, What could be happening?


Have you added a platform behaviour to the platform? Is the player a platformer character?

Yes, he is, actually I have more than a month programming, and now I noticed in all platforms from all levels is the same problem! in platforms I’ve made more than a month ago and have been working perfectly :frowning: what is going on! maybe a bug?

I noticed the problem comes when the player is idle, when I run or jump it works normally, but in idle form it starts shaking

Does the player object have any additional behaviours?

And what events have you added to change the character’s position?

What changes did you make to the events when it started this odd behaviour?

he just has platformer and “flash” but I have been working well with them.

I’ve been trying to make camera to go with player without jump but going down with him:

I made changes just in “camara” group, didn’t change collision masks, platform in any way neither :frowning:

I think is a kind of bug cause how can explain that all my platforms are having the same problem if I’ve been using them correctly and compiled the game several times, and now nothing works :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s a bug, but I suspect not a GDevelop one :wink: . I’ve just created a platformer character and platform, and it works fine.

You have a section called Controles. Is that related to the player control? If so, can you show what’s in there?


in idle position the player shakes like when we put a platform over another one and collision masks are overplaced, like if I were trying to put the object where another one is, it flashes in two positions, and in other platforms it falls.

I’ve noticed this happens when we try the same kind of method for long time, I had a “bug” like this before and it fixed itself about two hours after XD

There’s nothing that stands out in there.

Can you check the player character, and that every frame of the idle animation has the same collision mask?

[quote=“Conejo-Rata, post:10, topic:34097”]
in idle position the player shakes like when we put a platform over another one
So you have 2 platforms on top of each other?~


It just has 1 animation in idle position :frowning: would love to ask to creator if my suspect is right, his mask is the same than some time ago:

I’ve made that mistake, so I remember the way it shakes and used as example of behavior

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SOLVED! my point “origin” was not in initial corner! I just set it to 0 X 0 position and the problem was fixed! :partying_face:

Excellent! That’s a good feeling when you work it out :smile:

thanks for attention!