[SOLVED]Platform problem

Hello everyone! Now here is my problem…

I was trying to make a non straight platform but the thing is at the “curvy” part, the software thought I am falling so it triggers the falling animation. So, how do I make the little slope to be same as the normal platform? I’ve changed the collision points to match the shape of the slope btw. I hope someone could help me with this problem. Thank you!

You can try to add a little delay before changing the animation to “falling”.

I’ll copy an example in a little.

When the character falls, a timer is reset (trigger once). If said timer is over .1 seconds (You may need to adjust the time) then the animation is changed to “falling” (animation 1 for my character). To avoid any possible change into the falling animation, i switch to animation 0 if the character is not falling. Another way could be to delete the timer if the character isn’t falling.

I hope it helps.

Another way would be to define two custom points, on the left & right and below the player’s sprite, and check if they’re inside a platform. If at least one of them is, then set the animation to not falling.

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Unfortunately/fortunately I don’t require any special events to not experience this issue. I’ve tried with tiny angles, large angles, small point slopes, and large point slopes.

This sounds more like the platform hitbox isn’t convex and is causing issues.

For Reference, here’s a quickly mocked up slope in the default platformer template.

Are you using the newest version of GDevelop? Collision handling was changed a few versions ago.

If so, then it might be your events are set up in a way that messes with your animations (e.g. you’re using “is in collision with” conditions instead of “Is on floor”. Those are not the same and do not work the same (when using platformer behaviors and dealing with floor platforms you should always use “is on floor” not “is in collision with”)

I have solved the problem by making the platform to become convex. Thanks to Silver-Streak explnations. It happened like so because my platform wasn’t convex. Now it is done, thank you to everyone that helped a well.

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