[Solved] Platform tutorial: How do I create a checkpoint?


I’m doing the Platform tutorial and I have run into a problem when creating a checkpoint.

My problem is that I cannot locate “modify the value of a scene variable” action anywhere even though there is an image of it in the tutorial:

I have tried to use the search, but the closest I can come is “value of a scene variable” which isn’t the right one.

Yea, “value of a scene variable” is the one. Click on that. You will see “modify the value of a scene variable” in the title :wink:

UPS ! :blush:

Thank you for helping out, I completely overlooked his possibility because I was focusing on finding it in the list to the left.

Up to this point I think the description in the tutorial has been pretty thorough, however, I think this checkpoint part of the tutorial could be slightly improved.

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I need some help here as I’m completely stuck ! I have even searched on youtube to find a video which could explain what it is I’m supposed to do next, because I find it too embarrassing to ask inhere for something that is obvious everybody else but me ! but since I had no luck with with youtube I’ll have to swallow my pride and ask:

After I have made the two actions:
Do = checkpoint.X() to variable checkpointX
Do = checkpoint.Y() to variable checkpointY

then I get stuck because then the tutorial starts to explain how I can find more expressions (is this info really important at this point ?) after this information the tutorial pick up again with:

The condition now stores the X and Y position of the “checkpoint” object with which our “Player” object has collided. So, instead of deleting the “Player” sprite object, we set its X and Y positions using the variables.

and then display an image.

I have a feeling that something is missing here and that this is the reason why I’m stuck !

Is it only me who gets a bit confused here ?

Yea, that information was just to let you know how you can use the other expressions.
The expression you used here, checkpoint.X(), is an expression which tells the X position of the object checkpoint. In a similar way, you can use other expressions.

Since you may need to use different data manipulations in different actions/events, that piece of information was only to let you know that there are several library functions/expressions you can use to manipulate the data :smiley:

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Thank you for confirming :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I just need to know how to move on with the tutorial as I’m still stuck !

Still stuck due to lack of help or advise :tired_face:

The more I read the last part of the tutorial the more frustrated I become, because it suddenly stops explaining how to do the tasks in small easy, to understand and follow, steps.

So can anyone please explain how I can complete the task of adding a checkpoint and sprawn at it once player character is killed ?


I did manage to dig up a great tutorial which solved frustrating problem:

GDevelop5 - Platformer Tutorial by TheWangClass

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Hi there, do you still need help with this? I just went through the same tutorial again to see if I could replicate any issues, and I think I understand where you were likely getting stuck.
I declared my variables, then clicked the image button to use the Expression Editor to add my scene variable value. If I typed my values without using the editor, upon dying my player returned to the front of the scene instead of to the checkpoint location - but using the editor, all was well.
If you’re still stuck and would like me to break it down step-by-step, I’d be happy to - just let me know.


Thank you for your kind offering to help, however, I have watched the video which I link to in my previous post and it helped me and solved my problem.