(Solved) Platformer behavior: jummping while character going up diagonally in platform type "platform" makes a slight collision

Hello beautiful people! :v:

Using the behaviors PlatformerObject and “Platform” with “Type platform” I try to make a jump while the character climbs diagonally and what happens is a slight collision with the ground. Sometimes it happens when the character falls to the diagonally floor too:

I’m trying to avoid it, but without success. I tested using the platform type “jumpthru” and it works, but with some problems. The character pass throght the tiles:

And if I use just one platform and change the scale of it the character still passing throght it sometimes:

I tried using timers and variables to toggle the platform types “platform” and “jumpthru” when the jump occurs, but I confess that I’m afraid of this causing rare bugs in the game that I won’t know how to solve. And all my attempts resulted in problems. Oh, and I changed the angle of the hit box on the platform, but it still had the same effect.


I think I could solve big part of the problem just changing the colision box of the jump animation! (using the Type Platform for the platform) :partying_face:

But sometimes the characters when falls on the diagonally ground he collides losing speed… :thinking:

Guys, that’s it. I am satisfied with the result. Just adding an information for anyone who goes through this: colision box of the jump animation can be changed in the first few frames just to avoid colliding with the ground when the character starts to jump.